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Quick Installation Guide

The eYeMan software consists of two parts:

  1. the client program that must be installed on the slaves,
  2. the Master program, that must be installed on the controlling PC.

To install the client program on a slave, you must have administrative privileges. After installation, the slave must be operated as normal user (not administrator), because a user logged in the slave as administrator could easily bypass the remote controlling features of the eYeMan system, in a number of possible ways: by killing the running processes, by stopping the appropriate services, by uninstalling the software, by deleting useful files, by editing the registry, etc

Installation on Slaves:

On every PC of the LAN that you like to control from the Master, you must install the client program, as described below:

  1. Download the appropriate setup program (from Download page), according to the Windows version of the Slave.
  2. Run the setup program as Administrator.
  3. Restart the slave PC.
  4. After rebooting, the appropriate programs and services start automatically, so you need only to configure the firewall (see below).

Installation on Master:

The Master program is a single executable file that needs no installation:

  1. Download eYeManMaste.exe (from Download page).
  2. Run it! (Read the User's Guide for instructions).
  3. Configure the firewall.

Firewall Settings:

To accomplish their tasks, the two programs must communicate via the LAN.

If there is (and must be) some firewall program protecting the PCs from network attacks, then it must be configured to allow eYeMan slave or master to communicate to each other.

Usually, the first time that either slave or master program is launched, the firewall will ask the user what to do with them.